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Summer 2011, 50:4

From Exhibition to Genre: The Case of Grind-House Films
David Church
“It’s Just Not Turning Up”: Cinematic Vision and Environmental Justice in Todd Haynes’s Safe
Nicole Seymour
Hitting the “Vérité Jackpot”: The Ecstatic Profits of Freeze-Framed Violence
Amy Rust
Audiovisual Change: Viral Web Media and the Obama Campaign
Carol Vernallis
Lacan’s Harpo
Paul Flaig
Joe Swanberg, Intimacy, and the Digital Aesthetic
Aymar Jean Christian
Film Experience and the Formation of Illusion: The Spectator as ‘Surrogate Body’ for the Cinema
Christiane Voss translated by Inga Pollmann, SCMS Translation Committee; introduction by Vinzenz Hediger
In Memoriam: Peter Brunette (1944–2010)
Jon Lewis
Conference Report: Flow Conference, University of Texas at Austin, September 30–October 2, 2010
submitted by Louisa Stein
In Focus: Teaching Television in a Postnetwork Era
edited by Serra Tinic
Book Reviews: Teaching Television
edited by Amanda Lotz