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Spring 2011, 67:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology: Varied Theoretical, Practical, and Research Perspectives
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Introduction to “The Life Tasks”: The Last Public Lecture of Rowena R. Ansbacher
Rita Schabel and R. John Huber
The Life Tasks: Opening Convocation, Meredith College, August 27, 1979
Rowena R. Ansbacher
The Meaning of Life and Adler’s Use of Fictions
Mark H. Stone
A Paradoxical Strategy for Suicidal Clients: A More Useful Form of Revenge
Leigh Johnson-Migalski
Birth Order, Family Size, and Positive Psychological Constructs: What Roles Do They Play for Iranian Adolescents and Young Adults?
Siamak Khodarahimi and Susan L. Ogletree
Parenting Style and Personality: Perceptions of Mothers, Fathers, and Adolescents
Kelly P. Gfroerer, Roy M. Kern, William L. Curlette, JoAnna White, and Jolita Jonyniene
Biopsychosocial Issues Column: Psychosomatic Medicine Today: Adlerian Contributions
Len Sperry