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Spring 2011, 50:3

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
The Benshi Track: Mizoguchi Kenji's The Downfall of Osen and the Sound Transition
Chika Kinoshita
A Certain Explicitness: Objectivity, History, and the Documentary Self
Joshua Malitsky
Localized Globalization and a Monster National: The Host and the South Korean Film Industry
Nikki J. Y. Lee
Out of the Screen and into the Theater: 3-D Film as Demo
Philip Sandifer
”Henri Bergson Talks to Us About Cinema,” by Michel Georges-Michel from Le Journal, February 20, 1914
translated and introduced by Louis-Georges Schwartz, SCMS Translation Committee
Mini-Dossier: Teaching Our Research . . . and Researching Our Teaching
edited by Ted Hovet and Elizabeth A. Lathrop, SCMS Teaching Committee
Festival Report: Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy, June 26–July 3, 2010
submitted by Haden Guest
Conference Report: Women and the Silent Screen VI, Bologna, Italy, June 24–26, 2010
submitted by Victoria Duckett
In Focus: Comics Studies: Fifty Years After Film Studies
edited by Bart Beaty
Surveying the World of Contemporary Comics Scholarship: A Conversation
moderated by Greg M. Smith