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January 2011, 20:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Exclusion as Language and the Language of Exclusion: Tracing Regimes of Gender through Linguistic Representations of the "Eunuch"
Shane Gannon
Between Monks: Tales of Monastic Companionship in Early Byzantium
Derek Krueger
Unbecoming Women: Sex Reversal in the Scientific Discourse on Female Deviance in Britain, 1880–1920
Lisa Carstens
"Must we dance naked?": Art, Beauty, and Law in Munich and Paris, 1911–1913
Edward Ross Dickinson
The Stained Glass Closet: Celibacy and Homosexuality in the Church of England to 1955
Timothy Jones
"The most profoundly revolutionary act a homosexual can engage in": Drag and the Politics of Gender Presentation in the San Francisco Gay Liberation Movement, 1964–1972
Betty Luther Hillman