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Volume 46, Number 2, 2011

Information & Culture
A Good Social Work: Women’s Clubs, Libraries, and the Construction of a Secular Society in Utah, 1890–1920
Suzanne M. Stauffer
The British Library of Information in New York: A Tool of British Foreign Policy, 1919–1942
David A. Lincove

Essays & Notes

The Converging Histories and Futures of Libraries, Archives, and Museums as Seen through the Case of the Curious Collector Myron Eells
Michael J. Paulus, Jr.

The Fields of the Information Domain: A Symposium Exploring Their Historical Relationships and Research Opportunities

The Past May Be the Prologue: History’s Place in the Future of the Information Professions
Barbara L. Craig
The Boundaries of Preservation and Conservation Research
Michele V. Cloonan
The History of Information Science and Other Traditional Information Domains: Models for Future Research
William Aspray