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Fall 2011, 67:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Adlerian Family Therapy: An Introduction
James Robert Bitter and Frank O. Main
Adlerian Family Therapy: An Elusive and Controversial Challenge
Gerald J. Mozdzierz
Resilience-Focused Brief Family Therapy: An Adlerian Approach
William G. Nicoll
Family Therapy with Personality-Disordered Individuals and Families: Understanding and Treating the Borderline Family
Len Sperry
An Integrative Adlerian Approach to Family Counseling
Jon D. Carlson and Patricia A. Robey
Individual Psychology as a Framework for Understanding and Encouraging Adoptive Families with Late-Placed Children
Rebecca LaFountain
Encouragement and Actionable Hope: The Source of Adler’s Clinical Agency
Frank O. Main and Shelly R. Boughner
Art Therapy with Families
Judy Sutherland
Human Conversations: Self-Disclosure and Storytelling in Adlerian Family Therapy
James Robert Bitter and Rebekah Byrd
Mrs. R.: A Single Mother
Jane Griffith
An Interrupted Conversation: An Interview with Dr. Oscar C. Christensen
James Robert Bitter, Oscar C. Christensen, Frank O. Main, and William G. Nicoll