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Fall 2011, 51:1

Jim Brown: From Integration to Resegregation in The Dirty Dozen and 100 Rifles
Joshua Gleich
The Tango on Broadway: Carlos Gardel’s International Stardom and the Transition to Sound in Argentina
Rielle Navitski
Landscapes of Expression: Affective Encounters in South Indian Cinema
Anand Pandian
Memories of Memories: Historicity, Nostalgia, and Archive in Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder
Joseph Jonghyun Jeon
Coloniality and the Trappings of Modernity in Viridiana and The Hand in the Trap
Susan Martin-Márquez
“There’s More Than One Way to Lose Your Heart”: The American Film Industry, Early Teen Slasher Films, and Female Youth
Richard Nowell
Conference Report—Cinema across Media: The 1920s, First International Berkeley Conference on Silent Cinema, University of California, Berkeley, February 24–26, 2011
submitted by Allyson Nadia Field
In Focus: The Long Shadows of 9/11: Science Fiction, Thrillers and the War on Terror
edited by Will Brooker
9/11 Film and Media Scholarship: A Review Essay
David Slocum