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Summer/Fall 2010, 41:2

Asian Music
Singing Ancient Piety and Modernity in "Song of Familial Bliss" (1935): Musical Translation of Huang Zi (1904–1938) in Interwar China
Joys H. Y. Cheung
Going with the Flow: Embracing the Tao of China's Jiangnan Sizhu
Kim Chow-Morris
The 12 Girls Band: Traditions, Gender, Globalization, and (Inter)national Identity
Hon-Lun Yang and Michael Saffle
Appropriating The Exotic: Thai Music and the Adoption Of Chinese Elements
Terry Miller
The Third Stream: Odisi Music, Regional Nationalism, and the Concept of "Classical"
David Dennen
Radhika Mohan Maitra: His Life and Times
Kalyan Mukherjea (with an appendix by Kalyan Mukherjea and Peter Manuel)

Book Reviews

Yoshitaka Terada, ed.
Music and Society in South Asia: Perspectives from Japan
(Stefan Fiol)
Nathan Light
Intimate Heritage: Creating Uyghur Muqam Song in Xinjiang
(Theodore Levin)
Tong Soon Lee
Chinese Street Opera in Singapore
Nancy Guy
Peking Opera and Politics in Taiwan
(Shzr Ee Tan)

Audio Recording Reviews

Anàk Čü Čhiàng: The Original People of Vietnam's Central Highlands
(Lap M. Siu and Jeffrey P. Williams)
The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun
(Leslie Hall)
Taïwan—Musique des Hakka: Chants Montagnards et Musique Instrumentale Bayin (Taiwan—Music of the Hakka: Mountain Songs and Bayin Instrumental Music)
(Chuen-Fung Wong)
Voices for Humans, Ancestors, and Gods: A Musical Journey through India's Interior (East and North East)
(David Henderson)