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Summer 2010, 66:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Ethics, Research, and Applications
William L. Curlette and Roy M. Kern
Ethical Considerations and Options in Publishing Clinical Case Material
Len Sperry, Timothy S. Hartshorne, and Richard E. Watts
Ethical Issues in Open-Forum Family Counseling or Education: Johnny Still Wets His Pants
Timothy S. Hartshorne, Len Sperry, and Richard E. Watts
A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of a Measure of the Adlerian Lifestyle, the BASIS-A Inventory
Paul R. Peluso, Kevin B. Stoltz, Susan Belangee, Michele R. Frey, and Jennifer P. Peluso
Differences of Lifestyle and Coping Resources Between Gay Men With and Without Alcohol Problems
Joffrey S. Suprina, Catherine J. Brack, Catherine Y. Chang, and John Kim
Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Framework with an Adlerian Perspective to Increase Collaborative Problem Solving in an Organization
Jean M. Kummerow and Mary J. Maguire
Social Interest and Self-Reported Distress in a Delinquent Sample: Application of the SSSI and the MAYSI-2
John F. Newbauer and Mark H. Stone