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Summer 2010, 49:4

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
The Subject of Torture: Regarding the Pain of Americans in Hostel
Jason Middleton
Reassuring Convergence: Online Fandom, Race, and Disney's Notorious Song of the South
Jason Sperb
No Longer Themselves? Framing Digitally Enabled Posthumous "Performance"
Lisa Bode
Soviet-Indian Coproductions: Ali Baba as Political Allegory
Masha Salazkina
The Digital Multitude
Kristen Whissel
City of Women: Busby Berkeley, Architecture, and Urban Space
Lucy Fischer
Conference Report: The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum York University, Toronto, Canada, July 27–30, 2009
submitted by Jason Loviglio
In Focus: The French New Wave at Fifty: Pushing the Boundaries
edited by Ginette Vincendeau
Book Reviews: Global Waves
edited by Amanda Lotz
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