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Summer 2010, 13:1

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
The Land Does Not Belong to Us We Belong to the Land!
Lourdes Torres
Indigeneity: Local and Global Crossroads
Sylvia Escárcega Zamarrón
Hidden Speeches and Clashes with Disguise the Yaqui Symbolic Resistance Around the 1740 Rebellion
Benjamin A. Rascón
The Political Identity
Chorus Juanena
Are you an Indian?
Sara McElmurry and Ángel S. Gutiérrez
More Than Ever We Need to Listen: Juchitán Zapotec Experience According to Blossoms of Fire
Dina Fachin
The Roads of Migration from the Sierra de Zongolica: An Approach to the Experience of the Nahuas Veracruzans and Their Local Impacts
Luis A. Martínez Canales
Eleggua in the Costa Chica of Guerrero, Mexico: The Persistence of Traditional Indigenous African Spiritual Beliefs in an Afromestizo Community
Wendy E. Phillips
Acteal: Open Wounds on Indigenous Rights
Marco Tavanti
Existential Crisis: Chiapas and Journey to the Deep Ends of Self
Tomas Ramírez
CBDIO and FIOB: The Crisis and the Capacity of Migrant Indigenous People
Rufino Domínguez Santos
CBDIO: Thanks to its Cultural Values, Indigenous Migrants Face Positive Recession in the USA
Bertha Rodríguez-Santos
Transnational Ties: Weaving Communities Between Guatemala and Chicago
Susana S. Martínez
Paying Respect: The Cemetery in Xetono Guatemala
Mary Beth Danielson
Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala
Marc Becker
Ucizoni and the Social Organizations in the Mixe Baja Zone
Yaatsil Guevara González
The Power and the Popular Graphic the Case of the Popular Assembly of the Towns of Oaxaca and the Assembly of Artists
Juan F. Guzmán Cuevas and Carlos Piñeyro Nelson
Ethnographic and Resistance Stories: Indigenous women, organizational processes and new political identities
Alma E. Martínez Hernández
Decolonization, Interculturalism, and Critical Indigenous Methodologies: Three Contributions
Sylvia Escárcega Zamarrón
Community Snapshot


Hiking to Local Antiquity
Mary Beth Danielson

Rincón Creativo

Of Corn ...;
Tomas Ramírez
Right Left Farandula
Roberto T. Wood
Jorge L. García
In His Hands
Andrea Cristancho