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Spring 2010, 66:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Adler's Innovative Contributions Regarding the Need to Belong
Eva Dreikurs Ferguson
Dedication of the Special Issue to Manford Sonstegard (1911-2009)
Roy M. Kern, James R. Bitter, Anthea Millar
Adler's Need to Belong as the Key for Mental Health
Rachel Shifron
The Importance of Meeting the Need to Belong in Lifestyle
William L. Curlette, Roy M. Kern
How Can I Connect with Thee: Measuring and Comparing Satisfaction in Multiple Relationship Domains
Louise C. Hawkley, John T. Cacioppo
Strides for Belonging Trump Strides for Superiority: Effects of Being Ostracized for Being Superior or Inferior to the Others
Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell, Eric D. Wesselmann, James H. Wirth, Alvin Ty Law, Zhansheng Chen, Michele Wydia Kosasih, Romy van der Lee, Kipling D. Williams
An Update of the Empirical Case for the Need to Belong
Judith Gere, Geoff MacDonald
Business and Organizations Column:"Buying In" and "Checking Out": Motivation in the Workplace