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2010 JLAG, 9:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Mega-Events and Socio-Spatial Dynamics in Rio de Janeiro, 1919–2016
Christopher Gaffney
Cuban Medical Internationalism: Domestic and International Impacts
Sarah A. Blue
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
Barney Warf
Experiment or Transition? Revisiting Food Distribution in Cuban Agromercados from the "Special Period"
Rebecca Maria Torres, Velvet Nelson, Janet Henshall Momsen, and Debbie A. Niemeier
Propuesta metodológica para la redistritación electoral en México: El caso de Michoacán
Graciela Martínez Caballero
Migration, Development and a New Rurality in the Valle Alto, Bolivia
Kaitlin Yarnall and Marie Price
Settlement Formation and Land Cover and Land Use Change: A Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon
Marcellus M. Caldas, Cynthia Simmons, Robert Walker, Stephen Perz, Stephen Aldrich, Ritaumaria Pereira, Flavia Leite, and Eugenio Arima
Real Estate Market, State-Entrepreneurialism and Urban Policy in the 'Gentrification by Ground Rent Dispossession' of Santiago de Chile
Ernesto José López-Morales