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January 2010, 19:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Special Issue: Desire and Eroticism in Medieval Europe, Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries: Sex without Sex

Guest Editors:Sally N. Vaughn and Christina Christoforatou

Sally N. Vaughn and Christina Christoforatou
The Bishop in the Bedroom: Witnessing Episcopal Sexuality in an Age of Reform
Megan McLaughlin
Long Distance Love: The Ideology of Male-Female Spiritual Friendship in Goscelin of St. Bertin's Liber confortatorius
H. M. Canatella
Saint Anselm and His Students Writing About Love: A Theological Foundation for the Rise of Romantic Love in Europe
Sally N. Vaughn
The Chaste Erotics of Marie d' Oignies and Jacques de Vitry
Jennifer N. Brown
Chaste Marriage, Sexual Desire, and Christian Martyrdom in La vie seinte Audrée
Virginia Blanton
"Temples to Christ's Indwelling": Forms of Chastity in a Barking Abbey Manuscript
Nicole R. Rice
Uncovering Difference: Encoded Homoerotic Anxiety within the Christian Eremitic Tradition in Medieval England
Michelle M. Sauer