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Fall 2010, 66:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology and Interdisciplinary Work
Rebecca LaFountain
Referral Practices Between Chiropractors and Mental Health Professionals in the Presence of Physical and Psychological Pain
Rebecca LaFountain and Scott A. Stoner
Insomnia Treatment: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Conceptual Integration
Rocky Garrison and Louis Libby
Individual Psychology and Individual Differences in Psychophysiology
Elizabeth M. Nash and John K. Nash
Relating Ethnic Differences and Quality of Life Assessment to Individual Psychology Through the Biopsychosocial Model
Scott M. Debb and David L. Blitz
Emotional and Legal Considerations in Divorce and Relocation: A Call for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Steven J. Stein and Carren S. Oler
Applying Individual Psychology to a University's Sustainability Initiative
Nadine E. Garner and Roger V. Bruszewski
Family Intervention Column: Breaking the Silence: Talking About Illness
Dagmar B. Friedman