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Winter 2009, 65:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Social Justice: Addressing Social Exclusion by Means of Social Interest and Social Responsibility
Lynn C. Todman, Erik Mansager
Social Exclusion: Reflections on Alfred Adler: A Social Exclusion Perspective
Hilary Silver
Social Exclusion Indicators for the United States
Lynn C. Todman, Sherrod Taylor. Kerry Cochrane, Jenifer Arbaugh-Korotko, Jared Berger, Emily Burt, Michael Caponi, Elisabeth Houston, Amy Khattar Hahn, Diana Mandeleew
Social Interest: Context and Impact of Raissa Epstein's Ideas on Alfred Adler's Social Imaginary (1897-1935)
W. F. Santiago-Valles
Alfred Adler's Influence on American Law
Sherrod Taylor
Trans People and Social Justice
Christopher A. Shelley
Social Responsibility: Educating for Social Responsibility
Ursula Oberst
Social Interest and Social Responsibility in Contemporary Corporate Environments
Cynthia Uccello
Book Review: Concerns about The Future of Marriage
Sharyl M. Trail