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#63, Spring 2009

The Velvet Light Trap

Censorship and Regulation

Media Effects and the Subjectification of Film Regulation
Theresa Cronin
The Hindu Right and the Politics of Censorship: Three Case Studies of Policing Hindi Cinema, 1992–2002
Nandana Bose
Exemplary Consumer-Citizens and Protective State Stewards: How Reformers Shaped Censorship Outcomes Regarding The Untouchables
Laura Cook Kenna
Slashings and Subtitles: Romanian Media Piracy, Censorship, and Translation
Tessa Dwyer and Ioana Uricaru
Censorship, Regulation, and Media Policy in the Twenty-First Century: A Roundtable on Critical Approaches
The Editors

Book Reviews

Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow: Color Design in the 1930s by Scott Higgins
Reviewed by Lisa Schmidt
Brand Hollywood: Selling Entertainment in a Global Media Age by Paul Grainge
Reviewed by Courtney Brannon Donoghue
Sleaze Artists: Cinema at the Margins of Taste, Style, and Politics by Jeffrey Sconce
Reviewed by Andrew Scahill