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Spring 2009, 65:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology: New Insights, Questions, and Applications
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
The 2008 Heinz L. and Rowena R. Ansbacher Memorial Address: Private Logic and the Logic of Social Living
Guy J. Manaster
Reclaiming a Profeminist Orientation in Adlerian Therapy
James Robert Bitter, Patricia E. Robertson, Amanda C. Healey, and Laura K. Jones Cole
Theorist Orientation from Diagnosing a Case of Suicide
Mark H. Stone
Rediscovering the Construct of Basic Anxiety
Trevor Hjertaas
Adlerian Play Therapy with a Traumatized Boy
Mary O. Morrison
Lifestyle and the Stages of Change in Weight Loss
Kevin B. Stoltz, Rebekah H. Reysen, Lori A. Wolff, and Roy M. Kern
Family Interventions Column: The Suitcase Metaphor: Helping Couples Move from Fault Finding to Strength Building
Amy Lew
Psychological Strategies Column: Advice from the Masters I: Mica Katz
Rachel Shifron and Paul R. Rasmussen