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2009 JLAG, 8:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Revisiting a Honduran Landscape Described by Robert West: An Experiment in Repeat Geography
Scott Brady
The Spaces of Social Capital: Livelihood Geographies and Marine Conservation in the Cayos Cochinos Marine Protected Area, Honduras
David Lansing
Un Modelo Descipotivo de la Geografía del Robo en la Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México
Carlos Vilalta
Fragmentación socio-espacial en la Periferia de la Región Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
Sonia Vidal-Koppmann
Urban Landscape Changes in Western Santiago de Chile during the Military Regime (1973–1989)
Jill Stackhouse
Using GIS to Assess Priorities of Infrastructure and Health Needs of Colonias along the United States-Mexico Border
Jean W. Parcher and Delbert G. Humberson
Mapuche Struggles for Land and the Role of Private Protected Areas in Chile
Laura E. Meza


Jonathan D. Sauer (1918–2008): Perspectives on his Life and Work in Latin America and Beyond
Timothy S. Brothers (et al.)
Partiendo las Manzanas para identificar los Predios: Un caso Merideno
Eligia Calderón-Trejo