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2009, 44:1

Information & Culture

Personal Papers in History: Papers from the Third International Conference on the History of Records and Archives

Issue Editors: Barbara L. Craig, Philip B. Eppard, Brenda Lawson, and Heather MacNeil

The Genealogical Gaze: Family Identities and Family Archives in the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries
Eric Ketelaar
"Kepe wysly youre wrytyngys": Margaret Paston's Fifteenth-Century Letters
Jennifer Douglas
Custodial History, Provenance, and the Description of Personal Records
Geoffrey Yeo
Sir John Soane: Rewriting a Life
Susan Palmer
Where Narratives Meet: Archival Description, Provenance, and Women's Diaries
Heather Beattie
Is it a Diary, Commonplace Book, Scrapbook, or Whatchamacallit?: Six Years' Exploration in New England's Manuscript Archives
Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray
Communicating Community: Russian and Canadian Mennonite Correspondence, 1850-1900
Rachel Joanne Mills
The Dawn of the "Chaotic Account": Horatio Hale's Australia Notebook and the Development of Anthropologists' Field Notes
Tom Belton