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Fall 2009, 65:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Individual Psychology: Use in Theory Development, Education, and Psychotherapy
Roy M. Kern, William L. Curlette
Social Interest and Positive Psychology: Positively Aligned
Patrick J. Barlow, David J. Tobin and and Melissa M. Schmidt
The Restrictive Personality: Anorexia Nervosa and Adlerian Life Tasks
Marilyn Strauch and Michal Erez
Lifestyle and Transformational Leadership Style
Michele Frey, Roy M. Kern, Jason Snow and William L. Curlette
Distinguishing the Holistic Context of the Inferiority-Superiority Striving: Contributions of Attachment and Traumatic Shame Studies
Alexander H. Smith
The Impact of Adlerian-Based Parenting Classes on Self-Reported Parental Behavior
Jody McVittie and Al M. Best
Selecting Psychotherapeutic Interventions: Enhancing Outcomes in Adlerian Psychotherapy
Len Sperry

Biopsychosocial Column

Life Style Convictions and Illness Perceptions as Predictors of Treatment Compliance and Noncompliance
Len Sperry

Book Review

A Review of Body, Mind, and Spirit: "Vitamins" for Your Whole Health
Margaret Wadsley