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Winter 2008, 64:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Individual Psychology and the Schools
Matthew E. Lemberger and Al Milliren
School Counselors and the Influence of Adler: Individual Psychology since the Advent of the ASCA National Model
Matthew E. Lemberger and Erika R. Nash
Ready to Learn: An Evidence-Based Individual Psychology Linked Curriculum for Prekindergarden through First Grade
Elizabeth Villares, Greg Brigman, and Paul R. Peluso
Using Adlerian Art Therapy to Prevent Social Aggression among Middle School Students
Janet G. Froeschle and Mark Riney
Exploring School Counselor Burnout and School Counselor Involvement of Parents and Administrators through an Adlerian Theoretical Framework
Carrie A. Wachter, Elysia V. Clemens, and Todd F. Lewis
Adlerian-Based Interventions for Professional School Counselors: Serving as Both Counselors and Educational Leaders
Jolie Ziomek-Daigle, H. George McMahon, and Pamela O. Paisley
Individual Psychology in School Counselor Leadership: Implications for Practice
Colette T. Dollarhide and Donna M. Gibson
Adlerian Teacher Consultation: Change Teachers, Change Students!
Jon Carlson, Don Dinkmeyer Jr., and E. Jean Johnson
Psychoeducational E5 Groups for Use in Schools
Wes Wingett and Al Milliren
Education: An Individual Psychology Approach to School Counselor Consultation
Greg Brigman and Linda Webb