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Summer/Fall 2008, 39:2

Asian Music
What's That Sound? Korean Fusion Music and the Ascendancy of the Haegǔm
R. Anderson Sutton
Nationalism, Nationalization, and the Egyptian Music Industry: Muhammad Fawzy, Misrphon, and Sawt al-Qahira (SonoCairo)
Michael Frishkopf
Xylophones in Thailand and Java: A Comparative Phenomenology of Musical Instruments
Jan Mrázek
Temple Music Traditions in Hindu South India: Periya Mēlam and Its Performance Practice
Yoshitaka Terada
Typology of Musical Structures in the Japanese Shintô Ritual Kagura
János Kárpáti
Innovation in the Guise of Tradition: Music among the Chin Population of Indianapolis, USA
Heather MacLachlan

Book Reviews

Lalita du Perron
Hindi Poetry in a Musical Genre: Thumri Lyrics
(Amanda Weidman)
Rob Simms
The Repertoire of Iraqi Maqam
(Scott Marcus)

Audio Recording Reviews

Song of the True Hand. Elizabeth Reian Bennett (shakuhachi)
(Jay Keister)
Bhakti: The Sound of the Soul
(Meilu Ho)
Gamelan de Solo - Le jeu des Sentiments (A Garland of Moods)