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Spring 2008, 64:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Individual Psychology: From Philosophy to Research and Application
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
The 2007 Heinz L. and Rowena R. Ansbacher Memorial Address: Adler's Legacy: Past, Present, and Future
Henry T. Stein
Immanuel Kant's Influence on the Psychology of Alfred Adler
Mark H. Stone
Hadarim: A Description and Evaluation of a School-Based Adlerian Parenting Program in Israel
Joseph Prinz, Sharon Arkin, and Marc Gelkopf
Lifestyle among Abuse-Reporting Outpatients
Dana P. Waters, Jerry F. Westermeyer, Carolyn Gralewski, Mary F. Schneider, and Monica Warkentin
The Brain-Mind-Relationship Connection: An Interview with Daniel J. Siegel
Jon Carlson
A Place Called Home
Al Milliren, Julia Yang, Wes Wingett, and Jennifer Boender
Using Sandtray in Adlerian-Based Clinical Supervision: An Initial Empirical Analysis
Kenneth G. McCurdy and Jesse J. Owen
Using Children's Drawings to Facilitate the Acting "As If" Technique
Richard E. Watts and Yvonne Garz