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2008 JLAG, 7:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Malaria, Landscape, and Society in Northwest Argentina in the Early Twentieth Century
Eric D. Carter
Posibles Controles Hidrogeológicos de Impacto Ambiental por la Extracción de Agua Subterránea en Xochimilco, México
Gabriela Angeles-Serrano, María Perevochtchikova, and J. Joel Carrillo-Rivera
Who Will Work the Land? National Integration, Cash Economies, and the Future of Shifting Cultivation in the Honduran Mosquitia
David M. Cochran, Jr.
Market Integration, Perceived Wealth and Household Consumption of River Turtles (Podocnemis spp.) in Eastern Lowland Bolivia
Kristen Conway-Gómez
Producing "Viable" Landscapes and Livelihoods in Central Veracruz, Mexico: Institutional and Producer Responses to the Coffee Commodity Crisis
Heidi Hausermann and Hallie Eakin
The Mesquite Economy in the Mexican-American Borderlands
Matthew J. Taylor
Explaining Variations in Environmental Activism on the United State-Mexico Border
Basilio Verduzco
Mise en valeur de la Guyane francaise et peuplement blanc: les espoirs decus du baron de Laussat (1819–1823)
Jean-Yves Puyo
La Expedición Hidrográfica del Atlas de la América Septentrional, 1792–1805
Luisa Martín-Merás