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January 2008, 17:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Special Issue: Masculinity and Homosexuality in Germany and the German Colonies, 1880–1945

Guest Editors: Daniel Walther and Clayton Whisnant

Introduction: Gay German History: Future Directions?
Clayton Whisnant
Racializing Sex: Same-Sex Relations, German Colonial Authority, and Deutschtum
Daniel J. Walther
Colonial Intimacy: The Rechenberg Scandal and Homosexuality in German East Africa
Heike I. Schmidt
Male Sexuality and Psychological Trauma: Soldiers and Sexual Disorder in World War I and Weimar Germany
Jason Crouthamel
The Rites of Artgenossen: Contesting Homosexual Political Culture in Weimar Germany
Glenn Ramsey
Queer Eyes and Wagnerian Guys: Homoeroticism in the Art of the Third Reich
Tim Pursell