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2008, 43:3

Information & Culture
Tiberius and the Libraries: Public Book Collections and Library Buildings in the Early Roman Empire
George W. Houston
The Public Library as Instrument of Colonialism: the Case of the Netherlands East Indies
Elizabeth B. Fitzpatrick
"The Feminine Touch Has Not Been Wanting": Women Librarians at Camp Zachary Taylor, 1917-1919
Caroline Daniels
Contradictions of Corporate Benevolence: Industrial Libraries in the Southern Textile Industry, 1920-1945
Bart Dredge
Culture and the New Iraq: The Iraq National Library and Archive, "Imagined Community," and the Future of the Iraqi Nation
Julie Biando Edwards and Stephan P. Edwards
Cultural Record Keepers: Beth Budd Bentley Collection, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library
Leslie McGrath