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Winter 2007, 63:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Expanding the Application of Individual Psychology
William L. Curlette and Roy M. Kern
The Relationship between Psychology and Spirituality: An Initial Taxonomy for Spiritually Oriented Counseling and Psychotherapy
Len Sperry and Erik Mansager
Adlerian Family and Couples Therapy
Zivit Abramson
An Adlerian View of Aging
George W. Linden
Toward an Adlerian Approach to Organizational Intervention
James S. Lemonides
Perfectionism and Lifestyle: Personality Differences among Adaptive Perfectionists, Maladaptive Perfectionists, and Nonperfectionists
Kevin Stoltz and Jeffrey S. Ashby
Organizational Development 101: Lessons from Star Wars
Chip Carlson, Fern Clemmer, Tony Jennings, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, and Linda J. Page
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