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#60, Fall 2007

The Velvet Light Trap

Documentary Now

Q&A: Poetics of the Documentary Film Interview
Leger Grindon
Contemporary Documentary Film and "Archive Fever": History, the Fragment, the Joke
Jaimie Baron
Documentary Stories for Change: Viewing and Producing Immigrant Narratives as Social Documents
Alicia Kemmitt
"Gangs Gone Wild": Low-Budget Gang Documentaries and the Aesthetics of Exploitation
Colin Gunckel
Familial Pursuits, Editorial Acts: Documentaries after the Age of Home Video
Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
Comedy Verité? The Observational Documentary Meets the Televisual Sitcom
Ethan Thompson
Darfur Diaries: An Interview with Jen Marlowe and Adam Shapiro
Matt Sienkiewicz and Rachel Bicicchi

Dossier: The Role of Documentary in the Contemporary American Political Scene

edited by Dave Resha, Mark Minett, Charlie Michael, and Colin Burnett

Book Reviews

Mexican Movies in the United States: A History of the Films, Theaters, and Audiences, 1920–1960 by Rogelio Agrasánchez, Jr.
Reviewed by Andrea Comiskey
The Wow Climax: Tracing the Emotional Impact of Popular Culture by Henry Jenkins
Reviewed by Josh Shepperd