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#59, Spring 2007

The Velvet Light Trap


Prurient Pictures and Popular Film: The Crisis of Pornographic Representation
Catherine Zuromskis
Sound and Performance in Stephen Sayadian's Night Dreams and Café Flesh
Jacob Smith
Porn Star as Brand: Pornification and the Intermedia Career of Rakel Liekki
Kaarina Nikunen and Susanna Paasonen
Hard-core Shopping: Educating Consumption in SIR Video Production's Lesbian Porn
Ragan Rhyne
What Soft-core Can Do for Porn Studies
David Andrews
An Interview with Peter Lehman and Linda Williams

Book Reviews

Porn Studies edited by Linda Williams
Reviewed by Kevin John Bozelka
The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood by David Thomson
Reviewed by
Olivier Jean Tchouaffé