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Summer/Fall 2007, 38:2

Asian Music
Traditional Chinese Music in a Changing Contemporary Society: A Field Report of the Quantou Village Music Association, Baiyangdian Lake Region, Hebei Province
Zhang Boyu
Rectifying Lasciviousness through Mystical Learning: An Exposition and Translation of Ruan Ji's Essay on Music
Reed Andrew Criddle
Time, Gesture and Audience in a Khyal Performance
Martin Clayton
The Naghma-ye Chartuk of Afghanistan: A New Perspective on the Origin of a Solo Instrumental Genre
Ahmad Sarmast
The Pia's Subtle Sustain: Contemporary Ethnic Identity and the Revitalization of the Lanna "Heart Harp"
Andrew McGraw
In Memoriam: T.K. Govind Vidyarthi (1912–2006)
Margaret E. Walker

Book Reviews

Yu Siu-Wah
Such Are the Fading Sounds
(John Winzenburg)
Matthew Isaac Cohen
The Komedie Stamboel: Popular Theater in Colonial Indonesia, 1891–1903
(Michael Bodden)

Audio Recording Reviews

"Hori Hai": A Festival of Colours!!
(Shalini Ayyagari)
Mystic Sarod
(David Trasoff)