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Volume 26 (2007)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
A Tale of Two Texts: Orality, Oral History and Poetic Insult in the Desafio of Romano and Inacio in Patos (1874)
Linda Lewin
The Cinergetic, Experimental Melodrama: Feminism and Neo-Machista National Consciousness in Mexican Film
Juli A. Kroll
Balancing Freyre's Vision with Brazil's "Racial Democracy": Dos Santo's Casa Grande e Senzala Por Gilberto Freyre
Charles Heath
Chronicles of Mexico City Life: The Music of Rockdrigo González
Mark Hernandez
Performative Masculinities: the Pachuco and the Luchador in the Songs of Maldita Vecindad and Café Tacuba
Nohemy Solórzano-Thompson
The Good and Bad Women of Telenovelas: How to Tell Them Apart Using a Simple Maternity Test
Julee Tate
Nueve reinas: A Sign of the Times (to come)
Donetta Hines
Popular Sovereignty, Bakhtin, and the Sea in Jorge Amado's Religion
Piers Armstrong
Violeta Parra, Radio Chilena, and the 'Battle in Defense of the Authentic' during the 1950s in Chile
Ericka Verba
Riding Against the Wave? Caballos salvajes and its Critique of Neoliberal Culture
Carolina Rocha
La Habana: una ciudad que nunca duerme. Género y escritura en y después del periodo especial
María Del Mar López-Cabrales
Gaucho Gazetteers, Popular Literature, and Politics in the Río de la Plata
William Acree

Book Reviews and Review Essays

Music in Imperial Rio de Janeiro: European Culture in a Tropical Milieu by Cristina Magaldi
Reviewed by Ronald Dolkart