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2007 JLAG, 6:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Splitting the Country: The Case of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua
Luis Sánchez
Intellectual Relation between Historical Geography and Latinamericanist Geography
Andrew Sluyter and Kent Mathewson
Fire Ecology and Conservation in the High Tropical Andes: Observations from Northern Ecuador
Philip L. Keating
Identifying and Assessing Tropical Montane Forests on the Eastern Flank of the Andes of Ecuador
James Keese, Thomas Mastin, and David Yun
The Forests Are Bleeding: How Land Cover Change Is Creating a New Fire Regime in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Joseph P. Messina and Mark A. Cochrane
Green Neoliberal Space: The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor
Mary Finley-Brook
Spatial Processes in Scalar Context: Development and Security in the Brazilian Amazon
Cynthia Simmons, Marcellus Caldas, Stephan Aldrich, Robert Walker, and Stephen Perz
Socio-Spatial Segregation in Metropolitan Lima, Peru
Paul A. Peters and Emily H. Skop
El derecho a la ciudad y la cuestión del espacio público: experiencias en la ciudad de Bahía Blanca
Nidia Formiga