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Fall 2007, 63:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Couples Therapy, Relationship Education, and Individual Psychology
Paul R. Peluso
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Individual Psychology: A Dialogue Across Theories
Paul R. Peluso and Heather MacIntosh
It Just Takes One: Resolving Power Struggles in Love and Marriage
Richard R. Kopp
Making Love or Making Love Work: Integrating the Crucial Cs in the Games Couples Play
Kenneth G. McCurdy
Couples and Eating Disorders: An Individual Psychology Approach
Susan E. Belangee
Early Recollections: A Compelling Intervention in Couples Therapy
Clair Hawes
A Systematic Approach to Marriage Education
Don Dinkmeyer Jr.
Four Adlerian Metaphors Applied to Couples Counseling
Daniel Eckstein and David Sarnoff
Recreating Sibling Relationships in Marriage
Betty Lou Bettner
The Use of Weather as a Safeguarding Strategy
Alan E. Stewart