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Fall 2007, 47:1

Kuhle Wampe and the Problem of Corporal Culture
Theodore F. Rippey
Making a Go of It: Paternity and Prohibition in the Films of Wes Anderson
Joshua Gooch
Irresistible Death: 21 Grams as Melodrama
Michael Stewart
A Mexican Nouvelle Vague: The Logic of New Waves under Globalization
Jeff Menne
In Focus: Teaching "Difficult" Films, edited by Paul McEwan
Exploitation Films: Teaching Sin in the Suburbs by Eric Schaefer
Racist Film: Teaching The Birth of a Nation by Paul McEwan
Misogynist Films: Teaching Top Gun by Tania Modleski
Teaching Indian Cinema by Sumita Chakravarty
Avant-Garde Films: Teaching Wavelength by Michael Zryd
Indecipherable Films: Teaching Gummo by Jeffrey Sconce
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)