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Summer 2007, 46:4

Having It All Ways: The Tourist, the Traveler, and the Local in The L Word
Candace Moore
Blackboard Jungle: The Ethnographic Narratives of Education on Film
Dan Leopard
Decompressing Modernity: South Korean Time Travel Narratives and the IMF Crisis
David Martin-Jones
The Australian Western, or A Settler Colonial Cinema par excellence
Peter Limbrick
In Focus: Visual Culture, Scholarship, and Sexual Images, edited by Chuck Kleinhans
Introduction: Prior Constraints by Chuck Kleinhans
How I published vintage queer filth in film, video, photography, and graphics over 25 years of editors, designers, lawyers, printers, and booksellers–and survived by Thomas Waugh
"Frenzy of the Visible," Indeed! by Linda Williams
You and Voyeurweb: Illustrating the Shifting Representation of the Penis on the Internet with User-Generated Content by Peter Lehman
Racism and Pornography: Evidence, Paradigms, and Publishing by Daniel Bernardi
Seizing Moving Image Pornography by José B. Capino
Academic Cult Erotica: Fluid Beings or a Cubicle of Our Own? by Katrien Jacobs
Conference Update by Chuck Kleinhans
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Annotated Index to Volume 46