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Summer 2007, 10:1

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
US-Latin American Relations in Historical Perspective
Félix Masud-Pilot
Not a Lost Continent: US-Latin American Relations in the Bush Era
Max J. Castro
The Making of ENCASA / US-Cuba
Rubén G. Rumbaut and María Cristina García
Venezuelan International Policy Under Hugo Chavez: The Struggle Against Dependency
José Soltero and Natalia Sliwinska
US-Cuba Relations in the 21st Century
Soraya M. Castro Mariño
The Diplomacy of Drugs in US-Latin America Relations
Belén Boville Luca de Tena
"We're not Anti-US": An Interview with Telesur Director Aram Aharonian
Nikolas Kozloff
The Literary Creation in Cuba During the Special Period
María Masud
Alicia Partnoy and the Dynamics of the Game: "pedaling" Poems, "making waves" In the Academy and "kicking" Before Social Injustice
Maria Ghiggia
Irma M. Olmedo
United States Foreign Policy in Latin America
Community Snapshot: Pilsen Alliance

Creative Corner

Yolanda Nieves
Jesús Salas-Elorza
Thousand miles marching
Erika Abad
Poems by
Enrique Sacerio-Gari
Road to hell
Obed Juan Vizcaíno Nájera