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#58, Fall 2006

The Velvet Light Trap

Narrative & Storytelling

Emotional Curves and Linear Narratives
Patrick Keating
From Beats to Arcs: Toward a Poetics of Television Narrative
Michael Z. Newman
Narrative Complexity in Contemporary American Television
Jason Mittell
Narration in the Cinema of Digital Sound
Mark Kerins
Narrative Structure in The Sixth Sense: A New Twist in "Twist Movies"?
Erlend Lavik
Contingency, Order, and the Modular Narrative: 21 Grams and Irreversible
Allan Cameron

Book Reviews

On Location: Canada's Television Industry in a Global Market by Serra Tinic
Reviewed by Kyle Conway
Zones of Anxiety: Movement, Musidora, and the Crime Serials of Louis Feuillade by Vicki Callahan
Reviewed by Heather Heckman