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#57, Spring 2006

The Velvet Light Trap


The Cinema of Affections: The Transformation of Authorship in British Cinema before 1907
Joe Kember
Studio Authorship, Warner Bros., and The Fountainhead
Jerome Christensen
"Some Kind of a Man": Orson Welles as Touch of Evil's Masculine Auteur
Brooke Rollins
A Point of Little Hope: Hippie Horror Films and the Politics of Ambivalence
Matt Becker
Marketing David Mamet: Institutionally Assigned Film Authorship in Contemporary American Cinema
Yannis Tzioumakis
Exorcizing/Exercising Treachery: Robust Subjectivity in Lourdes Portillo's The Devil Never Sleeps
Mónica F. Torres
Technology in Search of an Artist: Questions of Auteurism/Authorship and the Contemporary Cinematic Experience
Anna Notaro

Book Reviews

The Coen Brothers' Fargo edited by William Luhr
Reviewed by Kristen Grant
Film and Authorship edited by Virginia Wright Wexman
Reviewed by David Gurney
Alexander Dovzhenko: A Life in Soviet Film by George O. Liber
Reviewed by James Murray
An Eye for Hitchcock by Murray Pomerance
Reviewed by Elliot Panek