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Summer 2006, 62:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Consultation and Supervision
John F. Newbauer
Supervision: In the Style of Alfred Adler
Al Milliren, Fern Clemmer, and Wes Wingett
Encouraging the Supervisee's Style of Counseling: An Adlerian Model for Counseling Supervision
Matthew E. Lemberger and Colette T. Dollarhide
Adlerian Group Supervision: Concept, Structure, and Process
H. George McMahon and Kevin A. Fall
Adlerian Supervision: A New Perspective with a Solution Focus
Kenneth G. McCurdy
Adlerian-Focused Supervision for Countertransference Work with Counselors-in-Training
David J. Tobin and Kenneth G. McCurdy
Misalliance Movements in Psychotherapy
Miller Garrison
School Consultation Using Individual Psychology
Don Dinkmeyer Jr.
The Trend of Coaching: Adler, the Literature, and Marketplace Would Agree
Michael Davison and Frank Gasiorowski