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Summer 2006, 45:4

"Must the Players Keep Young?": Early Hollywood's Cult of Youth
Heather Addison
The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom when Buffy the Vampire Slayer Goes to eBay
Josh Stenger
"Have You Ever Seen the Inside of One of Those Places?": Psycho, Foucault, and the Postwar Context of Madness
Cynthia Erb
No(ir) Place to Go: Spatial Anxiety and Sartorial Intertextuality in Die Unberührbare
Mattias Frey
In Focus: Academic Labor, edited by Jonathan Buchsbaum
"Yes, we are students, but we are also workers": Interviews of Student Strike Organizers at NYU, interviewed by Jonathan Buchsbaum and Penny Lewis
"We are teachers, hear us roar": Contingent Faculty Author an Activist Culture by Marc Bousquet
Academic Labor: The Canadian Context by Vicky Smallman
Crisis and Resistance: A Union Fights Back by Barbara Bowen
The Crisis in Academic Employment: A Local Story by Jon Lewis
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Annotated Index to Volume 45