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Spring/Summer 2006, 27:1

Latin American Music Review
Editor's Note: A Selection of the Works of Gerard Béhague
Robin Moore

Theoretical or Issue-Oriented Works

A Performance and Listener-Centered Approach to Musical Analysis: Some Theoretical and Methodological Factors
Diversity and the Arts: Issues and Strategies
Gerard Béhague

Art Music Studies

Indianism in Latin American Art-Music Composition of the 1920s to 1940s: Case Studies from Mexico, Peru, and Brazil
La problemática de la identidad cultural en la música culta hispano-caribeña
La problemática de la posición socio-política del compositor en la música nueva en Latinoamérica
Gerard Béhague

State of Research of Brazilian Music

Música "erudita", "folclórica" e "popular" do Brasil: Interações e inferências para a musicologia e etnomusicologia modernas
Perspectivas atuais na pesquisa musical e estratégias analíticas da Música Popular Brasileira
Gerard Béhague


Rap, Reggae, Rock, or Samba: The Local and the Global in Brazilian Popular Music (1985–1995)
Regional and National Trends in Afro-Brazilian Religious Musics: A Case of Cultural Pluralism
Gerard Béhague


Jazz Consciousness: Music, Race, and Humanity by Paul Austerlitz
David F. García
Blackface Cuba, 1840–1895 by Jill Lane
Robin Moore
Tambora: Baile cantado en Colombia by Guillermo Carbó Ronderos
Carolina Santamaría
Guitarra de Cristal: Contemporary Cuban Music for the Guitar (CD) Various composers
Alejandro L. Madrid
Rolas de Aztlán: Songs of the Chicano Movement Compiled, annotated, and produced by Estevan César Azcona and Russell Rodriguez
Brenda M. Romero