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2006 JLAG, 5:2

Journal of Latin American Geography
Actor-Management of Protected Areas and Ecotourism in Mexico
Ludger Brenner and Hubert Job
Cacao, Vanilla and Annatto: Three Production and Exchange Systems in the Southern Maya Lowlands, XII–XVII centuries
Laura Caso Barrera and Marco Aliphat F.
Las bases Prehispánicas de la configuración de la Provincia de Popayán en el período colonial
Marta Herrera Angel
Cash Crops, Smallholder Decision-Making and Institutional Interactions in a Closing Frontier: Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico
Eric Keys and Rinku Roy Chowhdury
Invasive Species and Land-Use: The Effect of Land Management Practices on Bracken Fern Invasion in the Region of Calakmul, Mexico
Laura C. Schneider
Technological Innovation and the Expansion of Mexico City, 1870–1920
Gustavo G. Garza Merodio


Problem of Access to Land for Bolivian Horticultural Producers in the Transitional Zone of Western Greater Buenos Aires
Andrés Barsky