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May 2006, 15:2

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Chaussons in the Streets: Sodomy in Seventeenth-Century Paris
Jeffrey Merrick
Infidelity and the Presidio Captain: Adultery and Honor in the Lives of María Rosa Tato y Anza and José Antonio Vildósola, Sonora, New Spain, 1769–1783
Carlos Herrera
"One Yank and They're Off": Interaction between U.S. Troops and Northern Irish Women, 1942–1945
Leanne McCormick
Perversion for Profit: Citizens for Decent Literature and the Arousal of an Antiporn Public in the 1960s
Whitney Strub
Spiral Women: Locating Lesbian Activism in New Zealand Feminist Art, 1975–1992
Judith Collard