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Fall 2006, 62:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Authors' Expressions of Their Creative Selves
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Adlerian Social Interest and Positive Psychology: A Conceptual and Empirical Integration
Gary K. Leak and Karin C. Leak
Factors That Predict Students' Perceptions of the Helpfulness of the Incentive-Based After-School Training Program
Diane Jackson-Chapman, Mary Nell McNeese, and Wanda Maulding
Blending Native American Spirituality with Individual Psychology in Work with Children
Darline Hunter and Cheryl Sawyer
Integrating Developmental Counseling and Therapy Assessment with Adlerian Early Recollections
Thomas J. Sweeney, Jane E. Myers, and Julie B. Stephan
The Preference to Excel and Its Relationship to Selected Personality Variables
Alan E. Stewart and Elizabeth A. Stewart
Adlerian Profiles of College Student Drinkers
Todd F. Lewis and Carrie A. Wachter
Adlerian Perspectives on Purging Behavior
Jennifer L. Marshall and Trey J. Fitch
Multidimensional Perfectionism and Personality Profiles
Jeffrey S. Ashby, Terry Kottman, and Kevin B. Stoltz
Biopsychosocial Issues: Psychopharmacology as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Personality Disorders
Len Sperry
Reports and New Developments: A Framework for Research Studies—Mixed Methods through Combining Bayesian Statistics and Qualitative Research in Individual Psychology
William L. Curlette