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Fall 2006, 46:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Countering Censorship: Edgar Dale and the Film Appreciation Movement
John Nichols
Disturbing the Peace: Lost Boundaries, Pinky, and Censorship in Atlanta, Georgia, 1949–1952
Margaret T. McGehee
Cinemagoing in Portsmouth during the 1930s
John Sedgwick
"The most explosive object to hit Britain since the V2!": The British Films of Hardy Kruger and Anglo-German Relations during the 1950s
Melanie Williams
In Focus: Documentary, edited by B. Ruby Rich
Bus 174 and the Living Present by Amy Villarejo
Cinema Solidarity: The Documentary Practice of Kim Longinotto by Patricia White
Rethinking Documentary in the Digital Age by Faye Ginsburg
Wu Wenguang: An Introduction by Chris Berry
DV: Individual Filmmaking by Wu Wenguang, translated by Cathryn Clayton
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)