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Winter 2005, 61:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Stress and Coping and Individual Psychology
Kenneth B. Matheny and Jeffrey S. Ashby
Adlerian Counseling as a Way to Develop Preventative Coping Resources
Christopher J. McCarthy and Maria K. Tortorice
Stress Coping for Elementary School Children: A Case for Including Lifestyle
Jenelle N. Gilbert and Cynthia Morawski
Positive Health Outcomes of Social Interest
Arthur G. Nikelly
Lifestyles, Coping Resources, and Negative Life Events as Predictors of Emotional Distress in University Women
Anna N. Herrington, Kenneth B. Matheny, William L. Curlette, Christopher J. McCarthy, and Jeffrey Penick
Gender Differences in Stress, Coping, and Illness Among College Students
Kenneth B. Matheny, Jeffrey S. Ashby, and Penny Cupp
Expanding the Acting As If Technique: An Adlerian/Constructive Integration
Richard E. Watts, Paul R. Peluso, and Todd F. Lewis