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#56, Fall 2005

The Velvet Light Trap


Making-of Documentaries on DVD: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Special Editions
Craig Hight
Unwrapping Archives: DVD Restoration Demonstrations and the Marketing of Authenticity
Nathan Carroll
The Criterion Collection in the New Home Video Market: An Interview with Susan Arosteguy
Bradley Schauer
Star Wars Fans, DVD, and Cultural Ownership: An Interview with Will Brooker
Derek Johnson
Anime Fans, DVDs and the Authentic Text
Laurie Cubbison
Aspect Ratios and Joe Six-Packs: Home Theater Enthusiasts' Battle to Legitimize the DVD Experience
James Kendrick

Book Reviews

The Cinematic ImagiNation: Indian Popular Films as Social History by Jyotika Virdi
Reviewed by Aswin Punathambekar
Experiencing MusicVideo:Aesthetics and Cultural Context by Carol Vernallis
Reviewed by Benjamin Aslinger