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Winter 2005, 47:4

Texas Studies in Literature and Language
Francis Petrarch: First Modern Friend
Dolora Chapelle Wojciehowski
The Practice of Community: Humanist Friendship during the Dutch Revolt
Jason Harris
Friendship and Voluntary Servitude: Plato, Ficino, and Montaigne
François Rigolot
Cicero on Stage: Damon and Pythias and the Fate of Classical Friendship in English Renaissance Drama
Robert Stretter
Nicholas Oldisworth, Richard Bacon, and the Practices of Caroline Friendship
John Gouws
"The Lord Hath Joined Us Together, and Wo Be to Them that Should Part Us": Katharine Evans and Sarah Cheevers as Traveling Friends
Rachel Warburton
The Value of Female Friendship in Seventeenth-Century Spain
Lisa Vollendorf