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Summer/Fall 2005, XXXVI:2

Asian Music
Rap in Indonesian Youth Music of the 1990s: "Globalization," "Outlaw Genres," and Social Protest
Michael Bodden
Singing the Past: Vietnamese Ca Tru, Memory and Mode
Barley Norton
Not Your Grandfather's Music: Tsugaru Shamisen Blurs the Lines Between "Folk," "Traditional," and "Pop"
Michael S. Peluse
Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul: A Filipino Epistemology of Adeptness in Musical Performance
Manolete Mora
From Country Hick to Rural Hip: A New Identity Through Music for Northeast Thailand
Terry Miller

Book Reviews

Xiao Mei, Bell Yung, and Anita Wong, eds.
The Musical Arts of Ancient China
(Tong Soon Lee)
Gert-Matthias Wegner
Vintage Tabla Repertory
(Greg Booth)
Andrew N. Weintraub
Power Plays: Wayang Golek Puppet Theater of West Java
(Sean Williams)

Audio Recording Reviews

Drumming and Chanting in God's Own Country: The Temple Music of Kerala in South India
(Rolf Groesbeck)
Sidi Sufis: African Indian Mystics of Gujarat
(Alison Arnold)
Music of the Gambuh Theater: Bali's Ancient Dance Drama. Performed by Seka Gambuh Pura Desa Adat Batuan, The Gambuh Ensemble of Batuan's Village Temple
(Marc Perlman)

Video Recording Review

Wim van Zanten, Play the Saluang Flute, Use Your Fifth Finger: Lyrical Songs from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra
(David Goldsworthy)